Braving the bridal shows

Well, dear brides, it's that time of year. Time for the bridal shows!  Here in my little corner of the Bay Area we have several in the next few months. Attending bridal shows can be overwhelming- the sights, sounds, all the people- it's enough to exhaust even the most patient bride.

Here are some suggestions for bridal shows that should help you have an enjoyable time.

-Come prepared.  That's right ladies, you're there on a mission, and you need your gear.  Comfortable shoes and clothes for an afternoon of wandering are critical.  A light sweater is perfect in case it's cold- and easy to remove if it's stuffy.  

- Other supplies include a totebag of some sort, to carry your brochures, business cards, and other give-aways.  Address labels are a great time saver.  Many vendors will ask for your contact information, and labels are a great time saver.  

-A tablet.  It's not easy to remember everything, which is where a notebook comes in.  Bring a tablet to take notes on, to mark the vendors you were interested in learning more about, to write notes about things you'd like to look up on the internet, etc.  You'll never remember it all, so take notes!

-A friend.  Bring along a friend to help you with decision making.  If your guy is so inclined, bring him- if he'll be bored, it's better to bring mom or a girlfriend to help you stay focused.  She can also give her opinion on food samples and other things that may require a second opinion.

Have fun!

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Aida said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I really appreciate it.