Wow. These silk floral hairclips are just incredible.  The stunning attention to detail- these look like real flowers.. only better!   Find them at Mikiye

Wedding Vendors I love

Last night I was invited to a lovely post-wedding season party with some of the greatest wedding vendors in the area.  What a pleasure, to spend an evening chatting with the people I work alongside but never get to see!  The party was hosted by Heidi Hughett of Couture Celebrations and Linda Arietta up at the gorgeous Country Essences Flower Farm in the Watsonville mountains. Here's a little gallery of some of the fabulous folks we saw last night.

A Great Guestbook Idea

I just found the guestbookstore- what a creative departure from  the boring white satin book with lines! I think it's a great idea to give guests some creative license within a nice looking layout! Just imagine how fun it is to read all the pages after the wedding!

Gorgeous. and on sale!!

I am totally smitten with Kelly Meeker's jewelry. I love freshwater pearls- so fresh and elegant, while just irregular enough to stand out.  What could be better? how about a sale?!

Check out her website for details!

Set the table

 when I think about incredible tableware, I think Annieglass .  All her work is mindblowing, while maintaining a timeless elegance.  It's really that good.  It's collectable, but not collectable like a delicate figurine, because you'll use it all the time.  Made in the USA too- can you believe that?  Visit her website  or drop by her lovely storefront at 110 Cooper St. in Santa Cruz. 

Dress of the day..

From Caroline DeVillo couture. I'm in love with the flowy fabric, the simplicity of the elegant line.. the incredible drape of the back. A timeless, beautiful dress! Find her dresses at Haute Bride in San Francisco at 1954 Union St or in her showroom in Chicago.

And for your groomsmen

So you've got these groomsmen do you? And they're kind of an eclectic bunch? Not sure what to give them?  Look what I've found!! (I'm loving that guitar pick!)

sterling silver guitar pick by chrisparry 

Personalized fine silver keychain by westbyron
vintage typewriter key cufflinks! jenniferperezdesigns

Go on, prove me wrong.

I dare you to try to find measuring cups cuter than these.  While not technically a wedding accessory, they'd make a really adorable wedding gift.  Find them at three potatoe four

The ring pillow

ring pillow by Bklyn Pillow
Let's talk for a moment about ring pillows.  Now back when I was a bride, back in the 90's  (well, it was the late 90's, okay?)  the choices for ring pillows were few.  There was the white satin square. The white satin heart. {shudder} the white satin.. right, you see where I'm going with this.  But today, lucky brides, you have a whole world of choices for your ring pillows. Or ring baskets. Or ring books....

make me proud, brides.  Let's see what you're planning to use! 

lovely love birds

This is a design for one of our August brides.  Swirly simplicity with some sweet little love birds.  My client Katrina wanted something swirly and organic.. and the love birds were the perfect accent.  This design was carried through on her wedding favors as well!

Ahhhhh, candlelight!

There's just something amazing about the glow of candles. Everything (and everyone!) looks better in candlelight. The evening becomes more magical, more intimate- even with 120 of your closest friends! And as for cost, candles are generally less expensive than giant floral displays, while still bringing height and volume. Take a look at some of these beauties!

Dazzle your bridesmaids

With something they'll wear for years to come. Rather than buying identical pairs of earrings, select each pair to compliment your bridesmaids style. If she loves to sparkle, find some incredible crystal drop earrings. For the lover of vintage jewelry, these roses are ideal. Stay within the same color family and you'll find some incredible pieces your bridesmaids will love wearing. All jewelry is from ... the very best place to find incredible handmade items online.

Autumn inspiration gallery

I just can't stop with the autumn-ness. It's beyond gorgeous. Can't you just hear the leaves rustling?! Orange is so crisp and clean paired with chocolate brown or white.

I'm swooning over the necklace! So elegant and unique- your bridesmaids would love it. In fact.. they might actually wear it again!

and don't you just love the preppy striped necktie? love it.

Floral wreath from Soiree Event Planning, Charlston, NC Calla Lilly Bouquet by Modern Day Designs,
Santa Barbara, CA Necklace Luxedeluxe Place Cards and invitation Crescent Moon Paper Co., Santa Cruz, CA Chair Sash Boutonniere Just Bloomed Minneapolis,MN Cake Beaux Gateaux San Francisco, CA

The Elegant Wrap

Fall is here, lovely brides. I'm trying to ignore it, to pretend it's still summer. However, if your wedding is coming soon, consider a wrap or a capelet. Who wants to be shivering on her wedding day? Take a look at these gorgeous capelets, wraps and jackets!


C'est mon cadeau cream capelet

by Erina Wang-
the price is incredible too! And she customizes. wow.

Cashmere drape shawl by Carolina Amato

classic and elegant duchess shrug
This will match so many dresses!

Do you have more shrugs, wraps or capelets to share?
I'd love to see them!

Ah, the colors of autumn

I love the colors of autumn. There's no getting around it. The warm chocolate browns, coppers, aubergines... I just love it. Here are some favorites for the charming autumn wedding.

Gorgeous bridal bouquet by Lina Floral that incorporates
warm colors of autumn- aubergine, copper... delish!

A gloriously classic strapless dupioni silk dress from Charsa

More glorious oranges from Lina

Bronze and persimmon square pocketfold invitation
from Crescentmoonpaper!

Another incredible Edith Meyer Creation-
a chocolate cherry swirl cake. *swoon*