Eco Savvy wedding favors!

Here are some adorable eco-friendly wedding favors I've found online.  Eco friendly favors are a great idea on so many levels. Your guests will love getting a gift that doesn't need to be thrown away eventually. Also, these favors can double as placecards- how great is that!  All will require some extra planning, but definitely worth it for the day of!

how cute are these?! Potted succulent placecards/favors from yes, please
ooh, and here's a tutorial to make them yourself!! 

Adorable potted herb placecards. photo via intimate weddings.

Handmade soap photo via hundred layer cake

Deep, elegant purple

I'm seeing so much purple from my brides this year. Deep eggplant purple, bright vivid purple.. even, as one bride put it.. barney purple! Purple is so elegant and can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood.  I love pairing purple with champagne or gold for some added sparkle. 

Image 1 the knot 
Image 2 Karen Tran Floral
 Image 3 April Reed Cake Design NY
 Image 4 Vera Wang 

Crescent Moon Paper Co Invitations in Aubergine and magenta swirl

Invitations for the day

Rustic square pocketfold invitations in champagne and muted golds. Perfect for the rustic or out-of-doors wedding.  Find them here!

Couture Shoes! and on sale!

I love the thoughtful little details of weddings.  Gorgeous shoes are a perfect example of this. How many people will actually see your feet on your wedding day? Not many, right? But, for those that happen to glance at your feet (and for you!) fabulous shoes are a lovely accessory. 

Right now Zappos is having an awesome sale on their couture collection.  Save on Giuseppe Zanotti, Kate Spade, Cesare Paciotti, Ellie Tahari... the list goes on.  Go see!

Lovely photo by Sedona Bride.

Lovely Leaves

Sabine Bracelet by Lixix26
Wiomu Simplicity Earrings 

Luxe Deluxe Sultry Leaves

Leaves are a lovely metaphor to use in your wedding. Growth, change, life.. leaves and vines are perfect.  Check out these gorgeous handmade pieces from etsy sellers. 

Braving the bridal shows

Well, dear brides, it's that time of year. Time for the bridal shows!  Here in my little corner of the Bay Area we have several in the next few months. Attending bridal shows can be overwhelming- the sights, sounds, all the people- it's enough to exhaust even the most patient bride.

Here are some suggestions for bridal shows that should help you have an enjoyable time.

-Come prepared.  That's right ladies, you're there on a mission, and you need your gear.  Comfortable shoes and clothes for an afternoon of wandering are critical.  A light sweater is perfect in case it's cold- and easy to remove if it's stuffy.  

- Other supplies include a totebag of some sort, to carry your brochures, business cards, and other give-aways.  Address labels are a great time saver.  Many vendors will ask for your contact information, and labels are a great time saver.  

-A tablet.  It's not easy to remember everything, which is where a notebook comes in.  Bring a tablet to take notes on, to mark the vendors you were interested in learning more about, to write notes about things you'd like to look up on the internet, etc.  You'll never remember it all, so take notes!

-A friend.  Bring along a friend to help you with decision making.  If your guy is so inclined, bring him- if he'll be bored, it's better to bring mom or a girlfriend to help you stay focused.  She can also give her opinion on food samples and other things that may require a second opinion.

Have fun!